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Model United Nations

Internationally known as MUN, the Models United Nations are student conferences that simulate meetings of real United Nations organs, as well as other fora of international relevance, and challenge the participants to take on the roles of world leaders. Taking the mantle as representatives of different countries, the students must discuss topics previously given, seeking to resolve them. The participants, as the future leaders and global citizens they will become, will develop awareness of international cooperation, human rights, diplomacy and tolerance.

During the 5 days event, the “delegates” will represent the views of a single Member State of the United Nations (or of another entity depending on the committee they are a part of) by researching that country’s policy and advocating their stance to other delegates. In this way, participants familiarise themselves with national policy, ideas and cultures different from their own. The main thing: It is an exercise that forces students to learn the importance of balancing national interests with the needs of the international community, while also highlighting the powers and limitations of international negotiation.

The debate is controlled by an experienced set of Chairpersons dictated by an established set of rules of procedure. The objective is to reach consensus and pass a statement of the international community’s response to a particular area of concern.

MUN encourages the development of skills essential to all fields of study and employment, such as strong leadership, innovative thinking and public speaking, negotiation, mediation and consensus-building, and the ability to rapidly form bonds with people of different backgrounds and cultures.

The AarhusMUN Project

AarhusMUN is a voluntary association aiming to deliver the very first MUN event to the city of Aarhus. The idea was conceived by Political Science master’s students that saw the importance of events of this nature, and the unique opportunity to them to have one in their city, especially in the context of Aarhus being the European Capital of Culture in the year of 2017.

Our institution wishes to promote cultural empathy, understanding of international affairs, and knowledge of the United Nations among young people. By equipping youth with mediation, analytical and leadership skills, while stressing cosmopolitan values and the interdependence of the modern world, we hope to foster future world leaders who will face global challenges with a spirit of international cooperation.

Currently, the AarhusMUN Association is running our annual conference, that is being organised in the last months by a staff of 75 students. The edition has a theme that goes along with that of Aarhus as the European Capital of Culture: “Rethink”. In this spirit, we are striving to “Rethinking Our World”. The public target is university and senior high school students from Denmark and from abroad, with discussions being held in English.
The day-to-day affairs of the institution are managed by the management of the General-Secretariat, divided in three branches that covers all the aspects of the organization. They are: 1) Academic branch; 2) Logistic branch; and 3) Public Relations branch. Together, all the teams work in a connected framework to deliver the tasks needed for AarhusMUN. The staff of 75 people are divided among the different teams of the branches, and sourced from Aarhus University and associate universities, being bright students or recent graduates, competitively selected, who give their time and skills on a voluntary basis.

The General Secretariat

The General Secretariat is the executive body of AarhusMUN. Composed by the Secretary-General and the Secretaries responsible for each of the three branches, it is responsible for all the aspects related to the conference, since the academic content of the discussions until the infrastructure of the conference’s venue. Its four members are international students having their full master’s degree in Political Science at Aarhus University.

Vitor Hugo Dahlstrøm Mendes

Holding a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Brasília, in Brazil, Vitor Hugo takes the position as Secretary-General of the first edition of AarhusMUN. He has participated in a total of 38 MUNs around the world, having founded four of them. AarhusMUN is going to be his fifth.

Age: 25 years
Country of Origin: Brazil
Position: Secretary-General

Larissa Scheu 

As Public Relations Secretary, Larissa is a former student of European Studies at Maastricht University, in Netherlands. She took the position for loving the works related to public relations, advertising, institutional materials from previous works in the field.

Age: 24 years
Country of Origin: Germany
Position: Public Relations Secretary

Alexander Hyde

From the United Kingdom, Alex is our Logistics Secretary, responsible for all the structural aspects of the conference. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Politics and International Relations from the University of Manchester, in the UK, and took this position due to having a keen interest in organising the logistics of a major event.

Age: 22 years
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Position: Logistics Secretary

William George Lescas

A current Fullbright Scholarship student in Denmark, Will holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Delaware, in the USA. From his background, he takes the position responsible for the academic aspects of AarhusMUN, leading the various teams that are going to preside the committees and guiding them in the discussions during the conference.

Age: 23 years
Country of Origin: United States of America
Position: Academic Secretary

Daniel Sørensen 

Daniel is a Law undergraduate at Aarhus University, and Finance Secretary of AarhusMUN. For the event, he uses his previous experience in legal matters and also in finance and budgeting for events and associations. Also, Daniel is the only Danish member of the Secretariat, which helps to build stronger bridges with our partners and associates.

Age: 20 years
Country of Origin: Denmark
Position: Finance Secretary

Meet our Staff

Academic Team

Academic Undersecretaries
Kristof Verbeke
Christian Wandel

HRC – Human Rights Council
Catalina Gaete and Punvi Kalia

UNESCO – UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Katja Brama and Ida Dupont Lehtinen

HUNSC – Historic United Nations Security Council
Mai Hohwy and Dominik Götting

AU – African Union
Olivier Ubananeza and Mathilde Bæk Larsen

UNPC – UN Peacebuilding Commission
Karim Abdallah and Gustavo Fischer

UNSC – United Nations Security Council
Abdulla Al-Khal and Sonia Piotie

COP 23 – The 23rd session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Line Rosenkrands and Wilson Netto

Public Relations and Financial Teams

Institutional Relations
Valerio Balducci
Anna Nguyen
Ivana Kaufmanová
Signe Andersen

Financial Team
Ulrika Klammt

Advertising & Marketing
Nami Kamikage
Annabella Molnar
Gwendolin Güntzel
Giada Ferrucci

Social Media & Press
Nicole Goszczynski
Jana Stupperich
Alessandro Lorenzo Ghiberti
Giang Pham

Logistics Team

Social Events Team
Malene Vandborg Jensen
Anders Faarup Nielsen
Björn Bachmann

Infrastructure & Materials
Petra Curinova
Milica Duric
Simona Talacova
Andor Fuzi
Katarína Dušeková

Artistics & Visual Design
Tereza Shanelova
Wilmer Entena

Volunteer Coordination Team
Pinar Zehra Uygurer
Tiantian Wang
Viktoria Fratricova

Marion Jaussi

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