Partnership Programme

The AarhusMUN Association aims to work closely with the community around us in order to build together the annual conference. Associations, companies, foundations and institutions of any nature that share the value of a global, tolerant and connected society can help AarhusMUN in building up the event and sponsoring it in many different aspects.

Also, AarhusMUN provides an excellent environment for recruiters to get in touch with young professionals from various fields of knowledge and different backgrounds. At the conference this year, 500 participants from all over the world will convey in the discussions. Moreover, the conference is very popular with members of the diplomatic community, government officials and representatives of various NGO’s.

From the partnership point of view, becoming partner of AarhusMUN guarantees the partner institution to:


Promotional Opportunities

Having your name and logo in our materials, posts on our wide-spread social media channels, description on our website


Having access to the participants’ mailing list for sharing the institution’s work and missions

Advertisement and Marketing Opportunities

Having your materials in the hundreds of our participants’ packs and networking fairs held during the conference and sessions

Post-Conference Recognition

Having the logo in the participants’ certificates, acknowledge of the contribution provided and certificates of appreciation

Invitations for Social Events

Being invited for the ceremonies and social events with possibility of dedication announcements and sharing the institution’s works


Having free-pass for visiting the different events of the conference, as well as watching the debates and discussions

Become a Partner

We thank you for your interest in joining us in building up our project. If your organisation wishes to become an official partner of AarhusMUN, take a deep look in our sponsorship package. After that, please contact us so we can better explain it and construct a positive partnership that will be good for both parties.

Contact Us

Our teams very open to receive your contact and explain more about the project and how you can help us. One of the persons below surely can solve your doubts regarding partnerships and sponsorship.

Daniel Sørensen
Finance Secretary
Phone: +45 31 90 49 02

Valerio Balducci
Institutional Relations Undersecretary
Phone: +45 52 82 66 98